About CQL

 Chesterfield Quarterback League
P. O. Box 1792
Chesterfield, VA 23832

What is the Chesterfield Quarterback League? The League is a football league within Chesterfield County designed for the youth of the county. There are 4 different divisions within the league (Flag, Minor, Junior, and Senior) which are seperated by age groups. All the rules of the league can be found in the Download section of this site. The purpose of the Chesterfield Quarterback League is as follows, as seen in the CQL By-Laws:

To draw Athletic Associations from the several sections of Chesterfield County into closer fellowship through the participation in a County-wide football Program. Suspend this requirement only with regard to Powhatan Youth Association. (Amended 1984)

To promote an organized Youth Football Program on a basis where good and fair play will be practiced by all participants at all time.

To teach youngsters, through playing experience, the fundamentals of football teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship.

To take into consideration the health, welfare and ability of each individual participant.

To see that every team member up to a minimum of 25 will participate if uninjured in each game during the regular season.


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